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AutoFrost (GHG-X3 / R-406A) Features

Substitute for R-12 in almost all case
Substitute for R-500 in most instances also.

NO OIL CHANGE required - uses standard R-12 mineral oils or AB

US EPA SNAP "acceptable" for most all stationary/transport (cargo) refrigeration NOW

EPA acceptable NOW for Cars (MVAC) use. EPA has reviewed the application and found R-406A acceptable for automotive use subject to "use" conditions (unique fittings, barrier hoses, etc) Published in the Federal Register Oct 16, 1996, effective date 11/15/96. Text or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formats of this final rule from the EPA homepage. GHG-X4 (AutoFrost-X4/R-414A) and GHG-HP are also included in this final rule.

NO CFCs - formula by weight %: R-22/R-142b/R-600a 55/41/4

NONFLAMMABLE as formulated, only weakly flammable after worst case leakage

Performs equal to or BETTER THAN R-12.

Monroe Airtech Question & Answer Sheet on Autofrost (Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

About 95% less Ozone Depleting and 88% less Global Warming than R-12 R-406A ODP is 0.0553 (per pound) or 0.0442 (per system, only 80% as much as R-12 is used). R-12 ODP is 1.0. GWP is based on halocarbon GWP, 100 yr ITH
MUST be charged into system as liquid to prevent composition change

CANNOT BE VENTED (in the USA) - must be recovered (contains HCFCs)

DO NOT USE IN R-134a systems. PAG or Ester (POE) oils may be destroyed.

EPA required fittings & Adapters

(required by law for Automotive use,
not required for stationary refrigeration)


Autofrost-X3 / R-406A / GHG-X3

Low side Unique
High Side Unique
Low side hose Adapter (3LA4)
High side hose adapter (3SA3)
Autofrost-X4 / GHG-X4 / R-414A
Low side Unique
High Side Unique
Low side hose Adapter (4LA4)
High side hose adapter

R-406A fittings use "reverse" (left hand) threads, GHG-X4 use "normal" threads.

Unique small can tops (for 9.6 oz cans), also required by law.

Unique can taps (and tappers) are also required for automotive use.
The "Belly" can tappers are soon to become illegal.

Part Number Description Color
3S1 R-406A High side Unique fitting Red
3L2 R-406A Low side Unique fitting Blue
3SA3 R-406A High side hose adapter Red
3LA4 R-406A Low side hose adapter Blue
3T5 R-406A small can tapper (not shown yet) Green
4S1 GHG-X4 High side Unique fitting Aluminum
4L2 GHG-X4 Low side Unique fitting Aluminum
4SA3 GHG-X4 High side hose adapter Aluminum
4LA4 GHG-X4 Low side hose adapter Aluminum
4T5 GHG-X4 small can tapper (not shown yet) Aluminum

Explanation of part numbers:
S is for small (high side) fitting

L is for large (low side) fitting

A is for adapter (connects unique fitting to 1/4" SAE male flare so it will connect to R-12 type hose fitting)

T is for can Tapper

All fittings and adapters contain "double ended" Schrader valves. (US) Federal Law requires use of unique threaded fittings for all alternative refrigerants. The unique threaded fitting must be attached with a permanent thread sealant (such as Loctite(TM)) or other means to prevent its removal. Extra R-12 service ports, not fitted with unique threads must also be rendered unusable.

Depressing the Schrader valve in the hose adapter, will in turn depress the valve core in the unique fitting, which will in turn depress the valve core in the original service port. Although the original valve core in the A/C service port can be left installed, evacuation and charging with the alternative refrigerant will go faster if it is removed.

AutoFrost Label

Link to the EPA's homepage
showing fittings & Labels for all alternative refrigerants.

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