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Georgia, Paul, Mike, Jason

Georgia Knight   
With RI since 2002, Georgia has specialized in the marketing and distribution of refrigerant gases for nearly 20 years.  Familiar with all refrigerant products in current use, including applications and retrofitting, Georgia is your “go-to-guy” for one call does it all.  Through her nationwide network of manufacturers, packagers, and distributors Georgia tracks industry trends, pricing, and government regulation updates so you don’t have to.  Any need from a single case of 12 ounce cans to a truckload, and whether the destination is across town or across the country – Georgia personally ensures you get just what you need.


Paul Bowman
Paul manages inventory and logistics that involve the Omaha warehouse, and much of the “ship direct” activity that involves remote shipping points and destinations.  Paul’s extensive experience and contacts within the TL, LTL and parcel transport industries ensure the product is delivered at the agreed price, on-time, and without damage or shortage.  Paul’s EPA Universal Certification is further assurance that everything is done right the first time.  Usually you won’t hear from Paul unless there is some last-minute detail to confirm such as an address change, dock hours, or availability of material handling equipment. 


Mike Hendrick
With RI since 2001, Mike is based at the Omaha warehouse and divides his day among warehousing and administrative activities, supporting customers that use Wynn Oil Company products, and introducing our refrigerant management services in eastern Nebraska. Wynn Oil Company is an OEM approved manufacturer of motor vehicle service equipment and specialty fluids.  RI distributes Wynn products including comprehensive marketing support programs to franchised dealers, national chains, and independent motor vehicle service shops through-out greater Nebraska and southwest Iowa.  An Omaha native, Mike is EPA 609 Certified and has over thirty years experience in the motor vehicle industry including marketing, sales, service, and parts distribution.


Jason Allen
With RI since 2004, Jason is the primary contact in the Omaha metro area for customers that use Wynn Oil Company equipment and products.  Jason offers efficient and profitable solutions to motor vehicle service facilities for addressing maintenance of transmission, cooling, fuel, brake, power steering and other vital vehicle systems. Jason’s 10 years of prior experience in the auto service industry qualifies him as an excellent Wynn Oil product specialist.

Deanna Schnuelle
Deanna handles back office administrative functions including accounts payable and receivable for all three of our locations.

Nick, Chad, Thomas, John

Nick Baltakov
Trained and experienced in refrigerant recovery and processing, Nick is lead technician supervising the day-to-day refrigerant recovery and processing activities in the production facility.  His innovative approach to refrigerant recovery both in-house and onsite has streamlined RI's processing applications for both high and low pressure refrigerants, making RI a leader in refrigerant recovery and processing.  Nick holds 14 separate industry and government certificates relating to the HVAC industry and generally is recognized as a "problem solver" that ensures this important role in the “cradle to grave” process of refrigerant handling.


Chad Schnuelle – President and founder
After several years in the corporate world of the heavy duty truck parts industry, Chad founded RI in 1997 as a high-volume broker of MVAC refrigerant.  Opening a warehousing and distribution center in Omaha for nationwide distribution enabled RI to grow into a high-volume full-line distributor for multiple refrigerant manufacturers.  In 2000 Chad acquired the Wynn Oil Company distributorship for Nebraska and southwest Iowa and assimilated it into the Omaha-based RI operations.  In anticipation of market growth in the refrigerant reclamation industry, in 2007 RI acquired a refrigerant reclamation business in Denver.  Further growth in 2008 led to an expansion office and shipping depot in Chicago.  Chad now divides his time between the Omaha and Denver locations.   With over 16 years of hands-on experience in the industry and his forward looking leadership at RI – you might find Chad involved with anything from unloading a truck in the morning, demonstrating Wynn’s service equipment in the afternoon, to developing a comprehensive outline for managing the refrigerant needs of a Fortune 500 company the following day.


Thomas Wilson
Thomas is the primary point of contact for customers exchanging cylinders at the Denver facility.  With skills appropriate to his EPA Universal Certification, he performs initial analysis of refrigerant entering the facility, separates incoming product by refrigerant type and maintains a rolling inventory of over 5,000 cylinders of various sizes.  He prepares orders for shipment, certifies and reconditions cylinders and is proficient at onsite refrigerant recovery.  His reputation for assisting customers in addressing their cylinder requirements has made him a favorite of many Denver-based clients.


John Beatty
John manages the Denver-based recovery facility and is the company Project Manager.  He interacts with the Omaha and Chicago facilities to ensure customers receive the benefit of RI’s integrated processing and customer service program.   With over thirty years of management and administrative experience, John provides a systematic approach to facility management, project development and customer serviceJohn holds EPA Universal Certification.


Don Carter
With RI since 2007, and in the refrigerant reclamation industry for 7 years before that, Don is the answer-man for your refrigerant recovery, tank exchange, new and reclaimed refrigerant sales and everything else of concern to refrigerant users. Don currently manages the Chicago location and is a primary contact for RI’s nationwide reclamation services.  No job too big or too small.  Don will get you the empty tanks for recovery, arrange the shipping and make your refrigerant hassles a distant memory.

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